Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving House

I'm abandoning this blog. Well, let's face it- never posted anyway. Starting a new one about Jonah, as he was diagnosed with autism just yesterday. Hope to see you at:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Still Here

Update on my little man: He's really taking off verbally. Every day he surprises us with something new, and the best of it is that he really seems to enjoy it. Like, hey- we can communicate! Huh. Who knew? On the other hand, his feeding issues are reaching fever pitch. Basically, he's on a liquid diet (PediaSure, drinkable yogurt, instant breakfast, etc.) with a few crunchy snacks thrown in. Occasional bacon. It's freaking me out, because he's roughly 30% for weight to begin with, and well over 100% for height. I buy any beverage which claims to have protein in it, sneak in some veggies with the fruit juice, and sneak vitamins into his drinks. I'm expecting my hair and/or teeth to spontaneously fall out any time. Stressed. Out. Also, he's dropped some behaviors of concern, but picked up others. Like this:

So, the blocks have different things on all six sides, but each has a side with a letter surrounded by squiggles, and he likes to line them up on that side. A "stimulating" behavior. On the other hand, he is super-buds with Miss E at the moment, and that makes me hopeful. So, yeah, still all over the place.

Still in limbo diet-wise. I decided to take a break from counting points Easter weekend, and... here we are. I'm glad to say that I'm not so far off the wagon that I've gained back my losses (at least, no more than a pound or two), but obviously, I have a LOT of work to do. I have to say, WW did work, so I know that if I get back in gear, I'll be happy with the results. Drag. I'd rather eat ice cream.

Update on baby L: He and his family are at St. Jude's for 4 months for inpatient chemo. I am so glad that they are there, getting the best care possible. Also of note is that they are provided free housing for their whole family for the duration of their stay. Who provides it? Target. Yet another reason to love the best store on earth. As such, I have been increasing my weekly donations (read: shopping) accordingly. Baby L gets to stay at the apartment with his family between doses, as long as he's not too sick, which is wonderful, and he's tolerating the treatment quite well. Both employers are being supportive and doing the right thing, which is rare, and I'm so glad that they don't have that hanging over their heads when their focus is so clearly required elsewhere. The most recent MRI and spinal both came back clear, so the little man is doing well. Next up is radiation at MD Anderson, then oral chemo at home. I'm hoping that their Christmas wishes this year are just to wipe this past year off the books and look ahead to much better times.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


So. 176. Not much progress, but I guess trending in the right direction still counts. The slow down was inevitable, seeing as I have yet to START exercising. I did get my wobbly Reeboks today, and I'm formulating a M/W/F walking plan based purely on my DVR schedule, so that should help. I also need to get moving with the wii active I bought. So yes, I have bought much equipment but have yet to get moving. I also bought an armband thingy for my iPod. Yeah, so... ready to roll... any minute now!

On the other hand, we are overrun with deer around here lately. I fear them, and they know it, and those punks get cocky in big groups. Sort of lends a big game hunting thrill to outdoor exercise.

I posted an April Fool's joke on FB today, and got the strangest response. I said that we were pregnant with twins again (boys), due in October. Cue enthusiastic congratulations. WHAT?!?! Freaks! First of all, Corbin would surely panic and leave me, and I would have to check into the state hospital permanently. Listen, I love my kids more than anything, but I need more twins like I need a fork in the head. Weird.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Note to self: When you do not blog, and when you do not log points, things can go very wrong very fast. Further note to self: You are not able to control yourself with bags of Hershey's chocolate eggs in your house. Only fun-size bags will be allowed from now on. Okay, so... I haven't blogged for about 2 weeks. The first week I only lost 1.5 pounds, and then only 1 pound the next week. I mean- it could have and SHOULD have been worse, given what I ate, so- whatever, lesson learned. Will I repeat these mistakes in the future? You betcha! I'm just contrary that way. Also, I like food (duh). So- 178. I'm looking forward to 177, because a) that's 15 pounds, and 1/3 of my initial goal, and b) that was my pre-twin-pregnancy weight.

I kind of feel weird blogging about my weight right now, since I've blogged about other, far more serious things recently. It seems selfish and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I guess my life and my emotions are all over the map, just like everyone else. Still gotta do the work, though.

Update on baby J: He's doing really well in speech therapy. His therapist always comes out with great things to say about how encouraged she is by his progress. That's great, of course, but I'm tempted to think: Are you so encouraged that you no longer think he's autistic? I know, I know. I'm trying to keep a lid on my crazy until the neuro appt in July. Hoping that Obama's new plan will help us out with getting/paying for services. I'm also wondering about music therapy. Honestly, the times when I hear the most words or word attempts from him is when he's "singing" in the car. And you should just see the gigantic smiles. It would be worth it, just for that. He said a close approximation of "meatball" the other day, while we were singing "On Top of Spaghetti"! I mean... meatball! He so rocks.

Update on little L (the little boy from the "Please" post): His pathology reports showed that his particular type of cancer is less aggressive than other types he might have had, so that's great. He is having a shunt placed to address leaking CSF from the surgery he had (to remove the tumor), having a port placed for chemo. He'll have radiation at M D Anderson (because the have a better, much more precise delivery system (less damage), and they're still waiting to find out the results of the spinal to see about mets. His dad says he's toughing it out, and refuses to complain of pain- just says he's tired. In nursing school, I HATED the pedi rotation, because if there is something sadder or harder than a sick child, I don't know what that is. Continued prayers, please- even if that's not your thing ;) Good thoughts, good mojo, whatever.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Corbin and I just found out that some close friends of ours- their son (3) has a malignant brain tumor. I beg all of you, please, to pray just as hard as you can. Include him in your church prayer offerings. I can barely breathe, thinking about it, and he's not even mine. This couple fought very hard to have their children, struggled with infertility, lost twins at 22 weeks, and finally they are a beautiful family of four. I just plainly cannot believe this is happening to them. Please, just keep this baby in your hearts.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Artist in Residence

Okay, I think it might be time for a new scale. I weighed in at 180 this morning, but did I really lose 4 pounds during a week when I ate both pizza AND fried catfish? I'm thinking not. I re-did it like 50 times, but have decided to claim 181, just to hedge my bets. I do wish it would stop being rainy and/or cold so I can get out at night after the kids are asleep, and just walk and breathe and get out of my own head. On the other hand, American Idol is so much of a time suck right now. How will I manage it?

So, the artwork featured below is courtesy of Miss E. Is that my kitchen table, you ask? One of maybe three pieces of grown up furniture we have? Yep. I'm hoping that the day will come when I find this cute and amusing. Right now, not so much. At least her carving is in my honor. My mom's kitchen table has "I hate mysef" carved into it. That one is thanks to my sister Katie (mired in teen angst, she forgot the "l" in "myself"). I love that table.

Also included: rarely-seen-snow-in-Texas pics.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Health care is two words? Huh.

Well, after much more insurance company tomfoolery, we are back on track with baby J's speech therapy. However, said insurance company (jackasses) have given us only 20 visits per year. After that runs out, we'll have to cut back, or shell out $120 a week. I posted a rant about the jackasses on FB, and now all and sundry think I'm a communist (I heart nationalized health care, and I don't care who knows it). Oh, well.

In election news, I am looking forward to voting in a new governor. There was as issue of Texas Monthly recently with Rick Perry on the cover, and the title: The Next President? Shiver me timbers, I certainly hope not. My vote NEVER counts in my county, but I still like to pretend I'm contributing, particularly if my dude (usually) wins. Really, it just gets me called in for jury duty every 6 weeks, but whatever. Rock the vote- or is that too 1992?

So, I'm starting to get the feeling that if I start exercising regularly, my weight loss quest will improve. You don't say. To this end, I have begun accumulating much gear. Almost as important as exercising is the preparatory shopping, no? No. Also, gaining more mastery of the points system. Is it worth it to waste 2 points on 10 m&ms? Yes. Yes it is.

Okay, I keep rereading my post, checking for errors, so as not to enrage HP. Am I okay? Eek!